Saturday, December 18, 2010

Blogs are fun...

So, I'm sitting here wanting to write a meaningful or clever blog post, but nothing is coming to my brain. And I'm pretty sure I know why...finals weak destroyed my ability to think! The good news is that I get a break for a couple of weeks, and then I get to start another semester of classes that are even more demanding than the ones I just finished! Woo-hoo! I love learning. I really do. Even when it hurts sometimes. 
I think I like a lot of things that hurt. I like the feeling of, after you've fallen asleep on your arm or with your arm above your head, and it goes completely numb...I like that feeling of pins and needles when your arm is waking up. I also love getting really sore muscles massaged out. The other day I was in Salt Lake, and it was freezing outside, and I was wearing a skirt without any stockings or tights, and my legs and my face were pretty dern cold...the tiny sting felt good, and once I was back in the warm car it felt good to melt back to normal body temperature. 
I like crying. I like feeling emotion. I love it when I encounter these two things because of music. What would life be without music? I submit that it would not even be life. I'm listening to a few Jason Mraz albums right now that Daxson gave to me. Jason does some really great things with his music, and I also find some things I don't like. I love being able to learn my own style and personality by listening to other people's creations. I feel most inspired when I'm listening to other people's music, and then I get all these ideas and I just want to sit down and write, but usually this happens when I'm in the middle of some big school assignment or have really important stuffs going on and then the inspiration leaves. I need more time.
Doesn't everyone? Everyone just needs more time. Or to take back time and change things a little bit the second time through. Time to do the things that keep us sane, that remind us that everything we're doing, all of the busy-ness in our lives, isn't for nothing. Speaking of time, I have quite a few relaxing, unimportant things to get done today, so I'd better get on that. And look, all of my ramblings turned into a slightly-disjointed blog post!