Sunday, May 1, 2011

Things I Miss About Provo...

I love being home. I really do. I missed my parents and my younger siblings during the school year. But the past couple days I've been homesick for my Provo home, and kinda wish I could be in two places at once. Or that my opportunity costs of moving home to Oakley weren't so great. And because I know I shouldn't be whiny and unhappy, and people don't want to hear me being whiny and unhappy, I'm just going to vent to my blog instead of at people, and then the people who really want to hear my complaining can read it and everyone else will be spared. 
Here's what I miss about Provo:

  • My fantastical roommates. I miss Jennifer and Michelle being the best/craziest twin roommates I've ever had. I miss being sarcastic with Melissa and laughing with Catherine. I miss Lindsay's unselfishness and having good talks.
  • Brownstone Apartments. Brownstock 2011, Ward Prayer, movies in random apartments, dessert night...
  • The BYU 91st ward!
  • Trista's chicken nuggets, and babysitting my favoritest nephew
  • The mountains
  • Doing stuff with Daxson
  • Concerts
  • The HFAC!!! 
  • My music major buddies, namely Spencer and Bryan Lew and Eliza and Mark and Laura Bennion and the Christensens and all of my oboe pals, I shouldn't have started this list, because I don't know if I'll ever be able to stop, and when I do stop there will still be more people, and they'll feel left out. I'll just do the next 7 that I think of: Nah, actually, I'll just stop, and all you reading this, just know that I miss ALL the music majors. Well, most of them. No, all. Maybe. Oh, Jonathan Evans and Nate and Tim and...there are lots more. And Robert and Rob! And the peeps in my quintet. And Lauren and Dustin and Todd Kitchen. I think Todd has a cool name. I miss all my professors, too. And Jacob Mecham! And Halie Augustus!
  • Movie nights with Eliza and Bryan and Spencer and Mark...even though it only happened once this year...
  • Provo Temple
  • Kyle and Jennifer's TV. And mostly Kyle and Jennifer. 
  • Curtis
  • Weekly campus devotionals/lots of great church things
  • Visiting Tricia and Mark and JC every Sunday
  • Iceskating!
  • BYU library
  • I know I already kinda mentioned him by saying I miss Brownstone and my ward and the HFAC and my music major buddies and the Christensens, but...I really miss Jordan. So he's on this list like 6 times. Don't ask me why, he was kind of a bumface sometimes. I miss homemade rolls and peanut butter cookies.
  • Grocery shopping with Jonathan, and Jonathan trying to get me to go grocery shopping.
  • Seeing Danielle in the HFAC and telling her of all my woes.
  • Running into people I know on campus and getting hugs.
  • Jimmer
  • My FHE brothers. They really should go higher up on this list. They were great friends and we did lots of fun things.
  • My super comfy couches and mammoth TV. I miss having people come over to my apartment and feeling at home there, especially for Break the Fast. We had a great apartment.
  • Getting dinner from/cooking with/cooking for my siblings
  • Watching football and basketball with my brothers
  • Meeting lots of new people, and being around lots of people. I like people.
  • Reed class
  • Being in school...not homework and tests, but the actual going to class and learning things that I want to learn.
  • Opportunities to try new things
  • My freshman roommates...seeing Sarah and Elise in Mission Prep twice a week
So, I dunno, there are a few things that I kinda miss a little. And if I wanted I could list things I like about being home in Idaho, but that would completely defeat the purpose of this negative post. I won't stay grumpy all summer, I just needed a second to feel sorry for myself.