Monday, August 6, 2012

It's the people.

I always feel like blogging at inconvenient times. (Which means, I should be in bed right now.) But, I just had the most wonderful night. 

As I came to make this blog post I saw that I had up a half-written post from Saturday night that is, ironically enough, about how much I like being alone. And I still intend to finish that blog post because it's a good one, but...right now I'm grateful for people!

My roommate Sara and I invited over a few girls in our ward, plus our home teacher Josh, for a Girls + Josh night. It made today wonderful. 

Let me back track a little bit. I woke up early this morning to write a book report that I was supposed to have turned in by Saturday night. It took me a couple hours to write, and then I went right on to studying for my Marketing Management midterm, and did that for the next 4 hours until I had to be at class (my last class of the term!). After class I came home and went right to cleaning my room so it will be beautiful when my new roommate moves in tomorrow. 

I cleaned and organized until Sara got home from work at like 4:30, and at this point I was tired and grumpy, partly 'cause I don't like cleaning and studying all day, and also because I just have other things to worry me, like, you know, life and such. And so I wasn't in the best mood. But then Sara gave me some delicious apricot-somethin' juice (it was goood) which immediately started to improve my mood. Sara and I wanted to watch a movie because she had a code for a free Redbox movie that had to be used today, and our "family" didn't have FHE tonight, so we invited Sariah, Esther, Michelle and Josh to join us. And I cleaned some more until about 8:30 when they all started to show up for our partay!

Michelle brought her huge case of nail polish and glitter. Esther and Sariah brought in a box with a few pieces of cold pizza from earlier in the day. Josh brought some cute temporary tattoos. Sara got a free Redbox movie (Man On a good!), and I...well, I didn't bring anything. Although I did move the couches with Esther's help so that they were in a better movie-watching position. So, we pushed play on the movie and set to work! Here's my butterfly tattoo:
Michelle has some serious nail-painting/glittering skills. She did all of our nails during the movie, which made me feel a little bad 'cause she probably didn't get to pay as close of attention to the movie as she would have liked. And I'm so glad Josh could come. I think I'll invite him to every girls' night I ever have again for the rest of my life. He's a fun movie-watching friend, and didn't even care that all of us girls were painting our nails during this semi-intense awesome movie. 

Tonight was just what I needed after a heavy and tiresome day. Life is about friends. Being with people makes me happy. Happy people make me happy! Doing things with and for other people makes me happy. Having a roommate and a visiting teacher and a visiting teachee and a visiting teaching companion and a home teacher (yes, our little circle of teaching doesn't branch very far) all at the same movie night made me happy.

When the movie was over and we were getting ready to disband, Josh saw my leopard slippers in the corner of the room that I put there earlier today in preparation to give away at our ward clothing exchange tomorrow night. He wanted them, and I wanted to get rid of them. We needed a picture of our feet from tonight:
Didn't Michelle do an awesome job making our toenails sparkly? And I'm glad Josh was so excited about those slippers. I was worried I wouldn't be able to find a new home for them.

I just remembered that I left everyone with a parting gift of fruity candy canes. I found them today while I was cleaning my room. I bought a couple boxes of them back in January or February because they were on sale for like 10¢ a box. 
So I guess I contributed something to this wonderful night, after all.